"The Real Faith Davis" is the fifth episode of the first series of The Dumping Ground. It premiered on the 01 February 2013.


The police arrive at the Dumping Ground to see Faith, prompting the others to speculate why they want to see her. Elsewhere, a new girl named Floss moves into the Dumping Ground.





  • In the scene where we learn Frank rewrote Faith's donation page to mention Razz's supposed death, when we see the "My Story" section of the web page, Faith's surname has been written as "Davies". Oddly enough, her surname is spelt correctly (as "Davis") on the rest of the page.


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Floss Guppy (Sarah Rayson).
  • Final appearance of Jeff (excluding The Dumping Ground Survival Files; which airs in between Series 1 and 2 of TDG.)
  • The question about if Razz (Faith's Brother) is alive or not, is bought up this episode and the following (The Truth Is Out There) and resolved in the series finale (Scary Beasts).
  • The episode takes place in 2012, according to Faith's Donation page.
  • Country House by Blur is heard in the scene where everyone is decorating Floss' Room.
  • This is the first time Harry gives up Jeff, to Floss.
  • Another Sunny Day (the song) is played whilst Faith is shown running a marathon.