There's only one Dumping Ground!

The sixth series of the British children's television series, The Dumping Ground, began broadcasting on the 12th of January 2018 on CBBC. The series follows the lives of the children living in the fictional children's care home of Ashdene Ridge, nicknamed by them "The Dumping Ground". It is set to consist of twenty-four, thirty-minute episodes. It is the fourteenth series in the Tracy Beaker franchise.

It consists of 24 episodes, following the increase of four episodes from Series 5.


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Title Synopsis Directed by Written by Original air date
1 Jody on the Ropes Jody's anger boils over when she's forced to play happy families with her mum. TBA TBA TBA
TBA 2 Saved by the Bell The pressure rises on Jody as she's torn between a future with her mum or one at Ashdene Ridge. TBA TBA TBA
TBA 3 Give and Take Worried about being left out, Candi-Rose attempts to boost her popularity by shoplifting. TBA TBA TBA
TBA 4 Heroes Finn's kind nature backfires on him when he's set on a collision course with Alex. TBA TBA TBA
TBA 5 SorryNotSorry Sasha prepares to say goodbye to Ashdene Ridge, but her toughest farewell is yet to come. TBA TBA TBA
TBA 6 Cat's in the Cradle A chance encounter puts Alex face to face with a woman he believes to be his mum. TBA TBA TBA
TBA 7 Challenging Times It's competition time as Ashdene Ridge takes on rival care home Graybridge. Charlie's competitive side shows. TBA TBA TBA
TBA 8 Two Sides to Every Story May-Li's career is put on the line when a serious allegation is made against her. TBA TBA TBA
TBA 9 Utopia Tyler takes extreme action in an effort to bring calm to the house. TBA TBA TBA
TBA 10 The Lurgy May-Li and Mike are put on a comic collision course when a lurgy hits the house. TBA TBA TBA
TBA 11 RyanMan Ryan's lies threaten to overwhelm him when he tries to take credit for an act of heroism. TBA TBA TBA
TBA 12 Holding Out For A Hero Ryan faces his biggest battle yet when he finds himself in the grip of a blackmailer. TBA TBA TBA
TBA 13 Stuck Sasha's pushed to take extreme action when she finds herself stuck reliving the same day. TBA TBA TBA
TBA 14 The Secret Joseph's determination to be perfect for a foster family forces him to reflect on his past. TBA TBA TBA
TBA 15 Bird's Song Bird's lack of confidence is put to the test while on a trip to a nature reserve. TBA TBA TBA
TBA 16 Home Charlie has to face the reality of her Grandad's condition when he comes to visit the DG. TBA TBA TBA
TBA 17 Faker Tyler takes drastic action in an effort to protect his mum from her new boyfriend. TBA TBA TBA
TBA 18 Me, Myself and I Jody learns a lesson in selfishness when the YP are forced to tidy up an abandoned school. TBA TBA TBA
TBA 19 Jay and Bird's Day Jay's plan to seize the day brings him face to face with the memories of his childhood. TBA TBA TBA
TBA 20 Wasters Alex is forced to confront his worst fears when work experience at Lily's cafe doesn't go as he planned. TBA TBA TBA
TBA 21 Joyless Division Ashdene Ridge is pushed to the brink after an experiment splits up the boys and girls. TBA TBA TBA
TBA 22 No Escaping Jody must decide between a future with Brandon or facing up to her true feelings for Tyler. TBA TBA TBA