When times are tough, real friends are always there for you.
—Narrator in the Series 2 trailer

Series 2 of The Dumping Ground was the first series to feature Ashdene Ridge as the care home. The series premiered in January 2014 and finished in March that same year.

Bailey Wharton made his debut on the first episode, Kick Off. This was the final series to feature Frank Matthews, Faith Davis and Rick Barber. Kazima Tako was only a recurring character this series, before being promoted to a main character the following series. Lily Kettle only appeared twice in the series, before making her final appearance as a main character.


Main Cast 

Guest Cast 

  • Danny Ashok as Serjay
  • Guari Vedhara as Doctor
  • Mark Theodore as Jimmy Wharton
  • Finn Armstrong as Daryl
  • Jon Regan as Police Officer
  • Asif Khan as Police Officer
  • Angela Griffin as Sasha
  • Dale Meeks as Custody Sergeant
  • George Sampson as Danny
  • Georgina Campbell as Jen
  • Alan Renwick as Shopkeeper
  • Diveen Henry as Sally Lewis
  • Shareesa Valentine as Community Support Officer
  • Darren Morfitt as Mr Jenkins
  • Mackenzie Sol Williams as Justin
  • Himself as Viv Anderson
  • Chris Finch as Jack O'Donovan
  • Lu Corfield as Nicky Richardson
  • Michael Hodgson as Doug
  • Lucy Speed as Nerys
  • John Bowley as Neil
  • Claire Sundin as Jesse's Mum
  • Alex Humprey as Jesse
  • Sally Rogers as Lucy Taylor
  • Lucy Briggs as Hope Taylor
  • Gabrielle Glaister as Sian
  • John Sumner as Manager


  1. Jody in Wonderland (Special and a combination of TDG and Alice in Wonderland)
  2. Kick Off (Booting Up - Part 1)
  3. Quitters (Booting Up – Part 2)
  4. The Dumping Ground Experience
  5. The Barbeque
  6. Finding Frank
  7. Holding On
  8. Endurance
  9. I Have a Dream
  10. Sticks and Stones
  11. G.I. Johnny
  12. Be My Girl
  13. Hope
  14. Face the Music