Mo Michaels was a main character on The Dumping Ground. He first made his appearance on the episode, Oh, Mo!.

He is portrayed by Reece Buttery.


Mo is an explorer, he is a caring darling. He is not respected very well but no matter what he will look out for his Housemates. Mo never does stuff intensionally, but will fix it if he does an accident. Mo is a curious explorer he has quite a bold nature.


  • Unlike his portrayer, Reece Buttery, Mo wears glasses.
  • He helps Bailey Wharton with his dyslexia and they are good friends.
  • His first friend was Tee Taylor.
  • Mo is seen as a replacement of Gus Carmichael as both characters are strange but still quite intelligent.
  • Mo's portrayer also starred in the CBBC online series Secret Life of Boys as Robbie.