You think you could fool Children's Services?

"Liberty in the DG" is the second episode of Series 1 of The Dumping Ground, and the second part of the hour long special titled "Freedom". It first premiered on January 4th 2013.


Still home alone, The Dumping Ground Kids find the food supply is exhausted, and they need to buy more. Meanwhile, Elektra tries to earn herself a free trip to Australia. Frank and Tyler decide to gamble, which leads to disastrous consequences.





  • This is the last time Mr. Hamster is mentioned.
  • So far, this is the first and only time to have footage cut on it's original broadcast.
  • During filming this episode, Philip Graham Scott (Harry) actually got stuck at the top of the bouncy castle as it was being re–inflated for a take.
  • There were two alternative startings for this episode, one being Gus receives a message on his phone from Mike; which was the cut starting of the episode. The broadcast shows, when Jody and Harry get off the bouncey castle and head to the kitchen.


  • When Jody yells at Harry "I'm higher than you", the subtitles identify her as "Boy:" instead of "Jody:"
  • Look closely at the e-mail Faith looks up on the computer screen, and you can see that the word application is spelt "applicatdion".
  • It is unknown why Lily (or none of the other kids) suggested going to Steve's (Lily's Dad) flat for food.
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