Kick Off is the first episode of the second series and the fifteenth episode overall of The Dumping Ground. It is the first half of the hour long special titled "Booting Up". It premiered on the 10 January 2014.


After his dad vanishes, Bailey Wharton is left at The Dumping Ground. He and his new fellow carekids are all very sad about the situation, when he makes very bad scenes and behaves rudely.




Bonus Scene

The bonus scene involved Mo and Floss. Mo was wearing a bucket on his head to stop people laughing at his after he accidentally got glitter all over his face.


  • Bailey Wharton made his debut this episode.
  • As of this episode, Frank's portrayer is now credited as Christopher John-Slater as apposed to Chris Slater in series 1. It is unknown why the actor decided to make this change in his name.
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