A once in a lifetime chance at freedom!

"Home Alone" is the first episode of Series 1 of The Dumping Ground, and the first part of the hour long special titled "Freedom". It premiered on January 4th 2013.


The Dumping Ground residents are left to fend for themselves after Mike goes on holiday and Gina ends up hospitalized. But will everyone be able to get along without adult supervision?





  • This episode marks the first appearance of the show and Faith Davis.
  • On the original (back to back) broadcast, several scenes were deleted, all of the scenes about the girls wanting to go to the Year 12 Party and when they all hand out the things for Gus before he enters the bathroom.
  • This episode marks the first and only time to have footage cut from the original broadcast.
  • Sapphire now lives "too far away" for Harry to see her.
  • In the shooting script, when Gus said "I am orange!" Johnny originally said "We forgot to cover the mirror."
  • This episode shares and may have well taken the name from the film, Home Alone. The film is about a boy who gets left behind at home when all the other family members had gone on holiday.
  • Lily comments her Dad and Shannay can discuss baby names whilst she is visiting The DG. This is the first reference to Shannay and the said new baby born, named Jonah, in the episode Baby.
  • This episode we find out Faith is 15 years old.
  • Mike is mistakenly reffered to as "Mulligan" yet again.
  • In Tracy Beaker Returns, a new replacement for Tracy is there as a trainee on the final episode. But she does not appear this series at all and it is not mentioned her whereabouts.
  • In the first episode ever of Tracy Beaker Returns, Gina declares to Mike they need another Care Worker, but they do not have a replacement for Tracy and seem to be fine without a third Care Worker.
  • First appearance of Rick's vinyl records.
  • This episode is said to be a Tuesday, later on in the series (What Would Gus Want?) we learn that on Tuesday's they always eat Macaroni.

Memorable Quotes

Gus (holding a grenade): "Everything is wrong without Mike and Gina!"

Gus (seeing he is stained with henna) "My face! My hair! I'm orange!"

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