Harry "Jo" Jones was a fictional character from Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground. He recently was a care child, who got dumped in Elm Tree House (Ashdene Ridge as of 2014), after his mother neglected and abused him. When Harry had finally arrived at Elm Tree House, he tried to keep in contact with his mother and father, but head Care-worker Mike Milligan had thought it was a bad idea and suggested, Harry was to stop finding his family, to protect himself from more abusements. During the years, he has befriended other residents, including Sapphire Fox, Ryan Reeves, Finn McLaine, Mo Micheals, and many more. His dream was to get fostered and did by the Aycliffes in Series 3 of DG, but it, unfortunately, didn't go well. As of 2016, he is currently living with his adoptive parents, Lou and Ange.

He is a former character as of The DG Series 4, along with longest residents, Carmen Howle and Tee Taylor. Mo Michaels also departed in Series 4.


When Harry turned 3, he lived with his mother and father in an old house in London. Harry's parents used to argue and fight, until one day, Mr Jones had enough of it and left his wife and son to fend for themselves. One week later, Harry's mother used to go out and left Harry all alone with no food or drink. Harry used to hear his mum going crazy, smashing windows, bottles and soon after, Harry eventually got scared and tried to calm his mother down, which left to a scary showdown, with Harry left bruised. In 2009, Harry was finally taken into care and his mother had fled the country, giving her son a 'normal life'.

Arrival at The Dumping Ground

Harry didn't like staying at the DG. Sometimes, he used to run away, but care-worker, Mike Milligan, always caught him and tried to ask him personal questions. Harry used to isolate himself from other residents, including, scary former resident, Sarah Morison, who used to hit and slap him. Sarah had made Harry not to tell Mike or any of the other kids, or she'd beat him up to death. This made Harry be very shy, as seen in Tracy Beaker Returns. When Sapphire Fox had arrived at Elm Tree House, she had stopped Sarah doing scary things to Harry, and soon Sarah was reported and kicked out. Afterwards, Harry found Sapph as his teenage mum.


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