Finn McLaine is a current main character in The Dumping Ground.



Physical Appearance

Finn has Down's syndrome, and this affects his visual appearance and his speech, which is slurred. Finn has blond hair and blue eyes. He is around average height for his age, and is overweight. His large build is affected by his disabliity. However, despite his weight, he is still very fit, as he regularly participates in swimming - and is highly skilled in the area.


Before the Show

He was fostered by Adam Aycliffe but was unhappy there and cried everyday. Adam then fostered Harry, but he treated them both badly.

Series 3

After moving to the DG, Finn fits in with Harry, Billie, Toni and Mo.

Series 4


Series 5



  • He has Down's Syndrome.
  • Finn got saved with Harry Jones, by Ryan Reeves, from his evil foster family.
  • Harry Jones and Finn McLaine were best friends and former foster brothers.
  • He is 12 years old as of Series 5.



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