ElmTree House was the Care Home that all the Care Kids lived in. The set was used on the whole series of Tracy Beaker Returns. They also used it for the premiere series (Series 1) of The Dumping Ground. ElmTree House was also used in the final series of The Story Of Tracy Beaker, although they had completely redesigned it by the first series of Tracy Beaker Returns.

List of Careworkers

Tracy Beaker (formerly)

Gina Conway (formerly)

Mike Milligan (formerly)

List of Residents (Care Kids)

Rick Barber (formerly)

Gus Carmichael (formerly)

Toby Coleman (formerly)

Faith Davis (formerly)

Sapphire Fox (formerly)

Carmen Howle (formerly)

Jody Jackson (formerly)

Harry Jones (formerly)

Lily Kettle (formerly)

Tyler Lewis (formerly)

Frank Matthews (formerly)

Liam O'Donovan (formerly)

Johnny Taylor (formerly)

Tee Taylor (formerly)

Elektra Perkins (formerly)

List of Pets

Shadow (formerly)