The Dumping Ground Series 1–5 Wikia
The Dumping Ground Series 1–5 Wikia

Carmen Howle was a fictional character from Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground, who was a care kid, who got dumped at Elm Tree House - (Ashdene Ridge as of 2014) after her mother, Helen Howle, neglected her, as she went out with her boyfriend, Lee. Carmen had wished to see her mum, after she was dumped in care, but never got the chance. Through the years, Carmen had made many friends, enemies, fights upon residents, and has made so many mistakes, but has learned from them. During her time in care, Carmen has also been there for others, who are truly her friends. She is also selfish at times, and over-reacts. Beside this, her friends still accept her for how she is.

In 2016, Carmen and Tee say goodbye to the DG, which has been their home for 7 years, as they go and live with each other in apartment 16B Hope Street. As of DG Series 4, Carmen is a former care kid.


When Carmen was a baby, her mother, Helen Howle, always left her by herself, to go out. For all of Carmen's life, she never spend any time with her mum as she was always at the pub, drinking, and never put interest in her daughter's life. One year later, Helen met the man of her dreams, Lee, and brought him home. Lee didn't like children or Carmen for that matter, so Helen went out with him every night, neglecting Carmen, and one night, Carmen was taken away from Helen to care, and ended up at ElmTree House (Ashdene Ridge).