"Back In The Game" is the second episode of the fifth series and the sixty-ninth episode overall of The Dumping Ground. It premiered on 20 January 2017.


Bailey and Sasha team up to save Dexter from Roddy. Meanwhile, the kids try to change the Umblebys' first impressions of them, with failed results.

Episode Summary




  • This episode marks the last appearance of Bailey Wharton and Mischief.
  • The Umblebys are the new neighbours to The Dumping Ground and are convinced that they are criminals. However, looking at the events of this episode and the events of the previous episodes, they could be classed as criminals.
  • It is revealed that the Umblebys are also ancestors of the previous owner of the house.
  • At the end of the episode, Janet Umbleby gives Billie and Toni a doll named Harriet, which they later decide to sell for £700 so that Bailey can attend a school in America.
  • It is revealed that Mo has gone to live with his grandad again.
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