Ashdene Ridge is the current house where all young people of the Dumping Ground reside. This has been the location since the second series. The first episode to feature Ashdene Ridge is Jody in Wonderland.

Current Care Workers

  • May-Li Wang (presumably Senior Care Worker)
  • Scott

Current Residents

  • Tyler Lewis
  • Jody Jackson
  • Floss Guppy
  • Finn McLaine
  • Sasha Bellman
  • Chloe Reeves
  • Candi-Rose
  • Taz de Souza
  • Bird Wallis
  • Jay Wallis
  • Sid Newton
  • Bec Hyde
  • Katy


  • The house has two floors.
  • Most of the kids share rooms.
  • This house has been the set for four years (four series), ever since the La Sagesse School, which was used for exterior shots of Elmtree House, was demolished.
  • As of Series 7, a lift was added to provide access upstairs for Chloe, who uses a wheelchair.
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